Military Academy Nominations

Every year Congressman Calvert has the opportunity to nominate ten candidates per vacancy at each Academy (no Congressional nomination is needed for the United States Coast Guard Academy). Candidates should apply for nomination and admission simultaneously in the spring of their Junior year of high school.

Congressman Calvert's nominations are made on a strictly competitive basis. Therefore, he has established an Academy Nominations Selection Committee that will determine nominations based solely on the candidate's qualifications. Candidates are judged on their scholastic achievements, leadership performance, athletic participation, community service, and motivation.

If you wish to be considered a nomination to a Service Academy, please contact the District Office at (951) 277-0042. The deadline for applications is November 1st of each year. If November 1st falls on a weekend, the deadline is moved up to the previous Friday. You can download the Service Academy nomination form by clicking HERE. In addition to completing the nomination form, you MUST contact my Service Academy Coordinator, Jackie Lansing, at (951) 277-0042 to discuss the additional components of the Service Academy nomination process.

In the meantime you are encouraged to access further information about the Academies:

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