Rep. Calvert Secures Federal Funding for Local Transportation Projects

July 16, 2021
Press Release

Today, Congressman Ken Calvert (CA-42) announced that, at his request, funding for 42nd Congressional District transportation projects was included in the Fiscal Year 2022 Transportation, and Housing and Urban Development Appropriations bill. The bill was advanced today by the House Appropriations Committee and will now head to the House floor for consideration. Funding included in the bill for local projects is allocated within their respective agency program accounts and does not raise the overall spending level of the bill.

The bill includes $5 million for the I-15 Smart Freeway Pilot Project, which was requested by the Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC). The Interstate 15 “Smart Freeway Pilot Project” would install smart metering technology and signage at northbound I-15 on-ramps to monitor and regulate traffic flow onto the highway. This pilot program would alleviate congestion by managing traffic flow and with proof of concept could be regionally scalable. The project will be implemented between the San Diego County line and the I-15/I-215 split and is included and consistent with adopted regional transportation plans.

“The I-15 Smart Freeway Pilot Project is another important step towards relieving traffic congestion in the Temecula Valley,” said Rep. Calvert. “When I worked with the city of Temecula in 2019 to secure a $50 million federal grant to improve I-15 and the French Valley Parkway interchange we agreed that we must continue to fund additional transportation projects in the region. Thanks to the leadership at RCTC and everyone who has worked on the I-15 Smart Freeway Pilot Project, we are upholding our commitment to addressing the traffic challenges in this region.”

“RCTC is thrilled that funding for the Smart Freeway Pilot Project not only made it into the House Appropriations bill but also has been increased by $2 million, thanks to Representative Calvert’s advocacy,” said Palm Desert Mayor Pro Tem Jan Harnik, Chair, Riverside County Transportation Commission. “This pilot project shows RCTC’s commitment to innovative solutions to improve traffic flow on northbound I-15 in southwestern Riverside County. We look forward to continuing our work with Representative Calvert to bring transportation funding to Riverside County.”

The bill also includes $5 million for the Bradley Road Bridge construction project, which was requested by the city of Menifee. The city of Menifee has requested funding to replace a segment of Bradley Road at Salt Creek crossing with a bridge to address flooding issues during heavy precipitation events. The current configuration impedes traffic flow and emergency services to nearly 20% of the Menifee’s population. According to the city, the construction of this bridge will eliminate that delay, while enhancing safety and access for all.

“The Bradley Road Bridge project will improve an essential access point to communities in Menifee that are effectively isolated during major rain events,” said Rep. Calvert. “It’s critical that we take action now to improve the Bradley Road Bridge and protect these vulnerable neighborhoods. I’m grateful for work done by the city of Menifee to prepare this project for construction and highlight its importance.”

“The City of Menifee is very grateful for Congressman Calvert’s support of our Bradley Road Bridge project,” said Menifee Mayor Bill Zimmerman. “Safety is a top priority in Menifee and this project will ensure our first responders can cross the Salt Creek Channel to access our residents. The project truly helps bridge the disconnect between multiple communities that make up our city.”

The bill also includes $400,000 for the Lake Elsinore Main Street Safety and Pedestrian Improvements Project, which was requested by the city of Lake Elsinore. The project will install new crosswalks, safety signage, lighting, and other improvements to enhance walkability and pedestrian safety on Main Street in downtown Lake Elsinore. The downtown area has experienced a growth in the number of visitors and pedestrians. The requested funds will support this increased economic activity as well as improve safety of downtown visitors.

“Downtown Lake Elsinore is a tremendous asset for the city’s economy and tourism,” said Rep. Calvert. “The Lake Elsinore Main Street Safety and Pedestrian Improvements Project represents a forward-looking investment that will enhance the area long into the future. I appreciate the leadership of the Lake Elsinore City Council in seeking to protect and improve this tremendous asset for the city.”

“As one of the most senior members in the House, Congressman Calvert garners a tremendous amount of respect from his colleagues on both sides of the aisle and Lake Elsinore continues to be a beneficiary of his efforts,” said Mayor Bob Magee, City of Lake Elsinore. “This new funding will allow us to make much needed pedestrian and landscaping enhancements that will greatly improve the overall safety, beauty and ambiance of our Historic Downtown – the heart of community.”