Rep. Calvert Applauds Trump Administration Support for E-Verify

May 9, 2019
Press Release

Today, Congressman Ken Calvert (CA-42) issued the following statement in response to reports that the Trump Administration may make the mandatory use of E-Verify part of its immigration reform proposal to Congress:

“Making the use of E-Verify mandatory must be part of any attempt to fix our broken immigration system. The solutions necessary for true immigration reform are clear and include employer verification along with securing our borders, cracking down on visa overstays, and reforming our asylum laws. I wrote the bill to establish E-Verify as a voluntary tool for our employers who were eager to confirm the legal status of the employees they were hiring. E-Verify is free and easy to use – and more importantly an effective verification tool that ensures American jobs go to American workers and those legally authorized to work in the U.S.. I’m encouraged to see the Administration’s support for this critical program and stand ready to work with the Administration to make E-Verify mandatory.”

In 1996, Rep. Calvert authored the law that created the E-Verify program, the only tool available for employers to voluntarily check the legal work status of newly hired employees. Since then, Rep. Calvert has worked steadily over the years to expand E-Verify and pushed to make it mandatory. Earlier this year, Rep. Calvert introduced the Legal Workforce Act, H.R. 250, which preserves jobs for citizens and legal workers by requiring U.S. employers to check the work eligibility of all future hires through the E-Verify system. 

E-Verify is operated by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), E-Verify checks the social security numbers of newly hired employees against Social Security Administration and Department of Homeland Security records to help ensure that they are genuinely eligible to work in the U.S. The program quickly confirms 99.8% of work-eligible employees and takes less than two minutes to use. Nearly 750,000 American employers currently use E-Verify.