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Rep. Calvert Statement on the Passage of the American Health Care Act

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Washington, D.C., May 4, 2017 | comments

Today, Congressman Ken Calvert (CA-42) issued the following statement following the passage (217 to 213) of the American Health Care Act by the House of Representatives:

“My vote for the American Health Care Act fulfills a promise I made to voters to save them from the harmful effects far too many of them have experienced since Obamacare was enacted into law. The American Health Care Act lays the groundwork for delivering the health care system Americans deserve by dismantling one-size-fits-all Obamacare and puts in its place policies that will create sustainable, market-driven, patient-focused health care options.

Every day we see more evidence that Obamacare is collapsing. Americans weren’t able to keep the health plans they liked, lost access to doctors they preferred, experienced premium and deductible increases, and witnessed health care providers leave the marketplace in droves.  Americans deserve real health care solutions and the peace of mind that comes along with those solutions.

Many of the constituents I have heard from believe we need to fix our broken health care system, but they are understandably concerned about access to affordable health care if they have a pre-existing condition. I share those concerns and want my constituents to know that the American Health Care Act does protect people with pre-existing conditions and puts in place a number of steps to maintain affordable access to care.

The American Health Care Act moves away from Obamacare’s Washington-driven health care system by empowering families with their own health care decisions, giving them the flexibility to purchase health care products that meet the specific needs of their family. Our bill protects the most vulnerable Americans by strengthening Medicaid while providing a stable transition to make sure the rug is not pulled out from anyone.  Unlike Americans who receive health insurance from their employer, individuals who purchase health insurance on their own don’t receive a tax benefit when paying their premiums. Our bill fixes that inequity in our tax code by providing those Americans with an advanceable, refundable tax credit to help them buy insurance and create more competition in the insurance market.

It is important for all Americans to know that the passage of the American Health Care Act is part of a three-pronged process to improve our health care system. This bill is not a silver bullet. The Department of Health and Human Services will need to drastically reform the health care regulations that allowed Washington bureaucrats to make far too many decisions that should be made by patients and their doctors. Lastly, Congress must pass legislation that is not restricted by the budget reconciliation process to further improve our federal health care policies and increase choice, competition and affordability.”

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