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Rep. Calvert Statement on Syria

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Washington, D.C., April 7, 2017 | comments

Today, Congressman Ken Calvert (CA-42) issued the following statement on Syria:


“The military strikes ordered by President Trump were an appropriate and measured response to the horrific chemical weapons attack by the Assad regime on Syrian civilians, including children.  Unlike the previous administration, President Trump has now made it clear by his actions that the use of chemical weapons to brutally murder innocent people will not be allowed to continue without consequences. The entire civilized world has a clear and compelling interest to uphold this principle.


Congress must work closely with President Trump, Defense Secretary James Mattis, and our other national security officials to further develop and implement a strategy to confront the many challenges in Syria, as well as the actions by Russia, Iran, and other nations that have aided the Assad regime in its unacceptable behavior. I am hopeful that President Trump’s strong leadership and decisive actions will send a clear signal to dangerous regime’s across the globe that the days of meaningless ‘red lines’ and phony international agreements are over.”






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