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House Approves Rep. Calvert’s Effort to Simplify Veterans’ Education Benefits

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Washington, D.C., October 28, 2013 | comments

Today, the House of Representatives approved legislation to simplify Veterans’ education benefits that was originally introduced by Rep. Ken Calvert (CA-42). Rep. Calvert’s legislation, H.R. 331, was included as part of a larger bill, H.R. 2481, addressing veterans’ education benefits policies.  H.R. 2481 was approved by the House by a unanimous voice vote.


“Our veterans deserve a simple, straightforward education benefits process that is free of unnecessary, bureaucratic delays,” said Rep. Calvert.  “I appreciate the strong, bipartisan support shown by my House colleagues today and I look forward to our continued work to simplify VA benefits for veterans and our colleges.  I am hopeful the Senate will act soon on this important legislation and our veterans can start to benefit from a more efficient process.”


H.R. 331 would streamline the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) processes for community colleges that have multiple campuses.  Currently, the VA requires community colleges to certify that their veteran students are enrolled for a specific number of classes before the VA will disperse student benefits.  These rules must be updated to account for multi-college Community College Districts, such as Riverside Community College District (RCCD).  Without such an update, veterans that take classes at a multi-college District see their benefits delayed while colleges and the VA complete and shuffle unnecessary paperwork.  H.R. 331 would direct the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to permit the centralized reporting of veteran enrollment by certain groups, districts, and consortiums of educational institutions.

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