October 15, 2009
Press Release
Yesterday Rep. Calvert joined his colleagues and passed H. Res. 445, by voice vote. As a cosponsor of the resolution, he recognized 100 years of military aviation and expressed his ongoing support for all military aviators serving in the United States Armed Forces.

"The U.S. has a proud history in aviation, beginning with the Wright Brothers who pioneered the first flight," said Rep. Calvert. "Aviation is also an important part of the 44th congressional district."

March Air Reserve Base (MARB) hosts the C-17As of the 792nd Air Mobility Wing (AMW) in addition to KC-135s, and C-130s. The Air National Guard also has a detachment of F-16s.

"It is truly an honor to support, the long-standing tradition of aviation in the Inland Empire and I'm pleased to lend my support to the Distinguished Flying Cross Society and their efforts to build a National Distinguished Flying Cross Memorial at the March Field Air Museum," stated Rep. Calvert.

On June 6, 2009, Rep. Calvert introduced, H.R. 2788, a bill to designate a Distinguished Flying Cross Memorial at the March Field Air Museum (MFAM) as a national memorial. The monument will perpetuate the memory of the aviators who have, and who will one day receive, the Distinguished Flying Cross.

The Memorial will be available to thousands of visitors each year and while viewing the static display at MFAM, visitors will be frequently treated to an operational air unit providing support to our troops in Iraq. Every year, MFAM has a front row seat to the MARB air show, which frequently features the Air Force Thunderbirds. It is a fitting place to honor the many aviators who have distinguished themselves by deeds performed in aerial flight. The monument will be topped by a model of the Loening OA-1A amphibian aircraft, which was flown on the Pan-American Goodwill Flight of 1926. The ten aviators who flew this mission were the first receipts of the Distinguished Flying Certificate from President Calvin Coolidge.