Rep. Calvert: Biden’s Remarks Do Not Square with Reality

August 20, 2021
Press Release

Today, Congressman Ken Calvert (CA-42) issued the following statement regarding President Biden’s update on the situation in Afghanistan:

“President Biden’s description of what’s happening on the ground in Afghanistan simply does not square with reality.

President Biden’s statement that Americans are not having difficulty getting to the Kabul airport is patently false. Americans have seen the videos, pictures and listened to stories about the violence occurring at the hands of the Taliban and the dangerous task of getting to airport in Kabul. My office has heard from a number of distraught Afghan constituents with relatives in Afghanistan who are unable to safely reach the airport. In a briefing call with members of Congress earlier today, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin confirmed Americans had been beaten by the Taliban on their way to the airport.

President Biden’s statement that he has not seen our allies around the world question our credibility ignores comments and speeches from across the globe. Earlier this week, the headline of the The Daily Telegraph in England read “Parliament Holds the President in Contempt.”

President Biden’s statement that al Qaeda is ‘gone’ from Afghanistan is not accurate according to his own administration. A report from the Defense Department Inspector General released earlier this week indicated the Defense Intelligence Agency reported that ‘the Taliban maintains a relationship with al-Qaeda, providing safe haven for the terrorist group while publicly denying its presence in Afghanistan.’

We need to know if the President is being given bad information, or is he receiving accurate information and deliberately misleading Americans. President Biden has done tremendous damage to our national security and international reputation. We must have a Commander-in-Chief who is clear-eyed about the facts and their implications. America cannot afford to have our commitments questioned. And we should never cede the safety of our citizens and allies to check points and diplomacy with terrorist organizations like the Taliban. As my father taught me long ago, hope is not a plan.”