Ken Calvert

Obamacare Repeal and Replace

On January 13, 2017, Congress began the legislative process of repealing Obamacare and replacing it with a system that works for all Americans.  Now, the four committees that have jurisdiction will transmit the repeal and replacement plans to Congress by January 27, 2017.  Unlike when the Democrats forced through the trillion-dollar health care plan, you will be able to read what is in the bill before it is passed.

For years I have heard time and time again from constituents regarding the failed promises Obamacare: people have seen their healthcare plans cancelled, lost access to the doctors they’ve had their entire lives, and seen their premium costs tripled or quadrupled.  We’ve also heard from a great number of seniors concerned about Obamacare’s $800 million raid of Medicare.  The focus of the replacement plan will address these failed promises, as well as strengthen Medicare.

We will do this quickly, to ensure access to patient-centered care is available to all - at lower, more affordable costs. Plans will vary, no longer forcing consumers to pay for services that do not pertain to them.

Despite reports in the media, we have published a detailed outline of what the replacement plan will entail.  You can find this on page 13 of the Full Task Force Report.  For example, plans to address pre-existing conditions, dependents up to age 26, and continuous coverage protections are included in the report.


I want to hear what you like, and don’t like, about your healthcare plan.  Please email me and I will certainly take your comments, concerns and suggestions into account as we move forward with repealing and replacing Obamacare.