Ken Calvert


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The American farmer is an integral part of country’s fabric and remains an essential member of communities across the nation. Additionally, the world renowned California agriculture industry is one of the most significant contributors to our state’s economic engine.

Farmers across the country, including California, face serious challenges: pests and disease, a shortage of water, regulatory burdens, and low market prices and unfair trade barriers. The government must address these problems as well as work to expand market opportunities and provide emergency assistance when appropriate and needed. American farmers also need a reliable and affordable source of water, which is why I will continue to advocate on behalf of comprehensive water solutions for California and the rest of the nation. I will also continue to work with our farmers to ensure that American crops are treated fairly by countries that export crops to the United States and that any agricultural products entering the country are free from pests and diseases.

America’s agricultural industry is one of the most capable in the world and their ability to compete and thrive depends on the freedom for them to produce in a fair marketplace and without being severely hindered by conditions beyond their control. Americans need their government to ensure that they will continue to have an affordable, safe and reliable food supply.
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